Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Grandma's things

Grandma's things
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Family History

I love family history. I love knowing where I came from, and what my family were like, and what they liked, and especially what recipes they cooked.

I've been helping my parents clear out their house recently, pending a move to their new place, and I've "inherited" some lovely things from both my grandparents, largely culinary, but then that quite suits me.

So these are some of my paternal grandparents' things: the celery jar and breadboard (I'm guessing circa 1930s judging by the pattern) - the green bowl with the chopped fried fish is contemporary (Habitat's finest, I think).

I love the fact that maybe fifty years after my grandparents used these things every day, I'm still doing it, although I gather that celery should be correctly served with cheese and biscuits.

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