Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Matzah wars in North London

It's cho ha mo'ed, the days in the middle of Pesach/Passover. We've been to two seders, done a serious spring clean, put away all the everyday crockery and got out all the pesach stuff, covered all the kitchen surfaces and seriously cleaned all the kitchen appliances. This is why it's called the Festival of Freedom.

I've also had a lot of fun; hanging out with friends, relaxing, eating pesach food, including matzah. Fascinating piece in the Guardian on the first day of yomtov about the matzah price wars in North London.

It's interesting when there's a piece about a subject you know intimately; I did my pesach-shop at Kosher Kingdom, and I know that Richard Hymans from Manchester is really called Richard Hyman. Not because of the Jewish conspiracy, but because I grew up with him (Cheadle lad). And the prices are slightly inaccurate because there are different brands of matzah, and some cost up to £1.19. But then, so does a loaf of bread.

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