Friday, April 25, 2008

Our chometz has been sold...

Our chometz has been sold...
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Our chometz has been sold through Dayan Ehrentreu

Thank the lord.

See, pesach, you can't own any leavened goods (chometz) so all your everyday stuff is chometz, and you get in pesach food and get out your pesach pots and spring clean, but you still own stuff. So you sell it to a non-Jewish person. Judaism is full of these little legal workarounds.

In fact what you do is appoint someone - typically your Rabbi - to act as your agent, and then they batch-process the sale of their community's chometz.

It's complicated.

But the yichus. This was in the window at Kosher Kingdom. It's not just that the sold their chometz. It's that they did it through the fomer Chief Judge (dayan) at the Beis Din (law courts).

Not everyone takes it this seriously, but I do. Some take it more seriously. My view is that everyone is a little bit frummer on pesach than they are the rest of the year.

Anyway, it's all over Sunday night. Let's just say I've eaten a lot of matzah. And my kishkes are struggling for it.

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