Friday, November 21, 2008

Also, while I'm back, I should say one thank-you.

D has been very worried that he killed my blog because I've hardly written anything since we got married. Not his fault, really.

So he's been gently encouraging me... finding a blog-this icon on my toolbar. Telling me that funny stories I say are so-bloggable. And, this morning, going to my PC to check the weather and finding blogger open to my account with that inviting white-space "create post" box. Waiting for me.

Thank you D. For being the most understanding husband I've ever had. For getting me, and all my mishegassen. For being funny and lovely and helping make us into a family.

And, never forgetting, all the hours of unpaid technical support. Once, I even got a text message that said "your support ticket is now closed. Thanks for choosing us."

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