Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'd like to say I read loads of books before Zaphod arrived, preparing myself for parenthood, but for whatever reason, I couldn't think past the "come into hospital now" moment.

However, I would have liked to read (an extremely short) book that said:
  • get your washing machine serviced: you'll do more washing than you ever imagined
  • stock your freezer with healthy food, otherwise you'll really only have time to eat junk
  • line up all the DVDs you want to watch while you're feeding baby, it'll be a lot of time
  • be prepared to think that going to the post office with Zaphod is like a whole big deal: everything will take longer, lower your expectations
  • take your nipple cream into hospital with you
  • stock up on Oliva soap, which is great for getting baby-shit out of your baby's clothes
  • practice a lot using your pram/buggy before the baby arrives: you need to practice and also, the buggy needs to practice being not so stiff
  • buy your changing bag before the baby arrives
  • take dried apricots with you to hospital - they help with the post-partum constipation (apparently...) (I like the M&S ones)
  • be prepared to be totally amazed and overwhelmed by how incredible your personal baby is

    ... more, I'm sure....
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