Thursday, November 27, 2008

Type when the baby sleeps

A lot of people say "sleep when the baby sleeps" and obviously this makes sense because Zaphod - while he does sleep for maybe 16 hours a day - needs a lot of attention when he's awake, so the time for me to nap is clearly when he's sleeping.

Motherhood is quite lovely, and not necessarily sleeplessly tiring (so far) just a bit of a full-on job when it comes to 24-7. I had a long chat with a friend tonight who was telling me that with her first baby she was overcome by the change in her life, and what to do, and what it meant and what she would do next.

I feel a little of that, but mostly I feel like, how great is it to not have 400 emails a day and voicemail and text messages and three different phoneslines 120 people can try and reach you on. My office phone is unplugged (with a message to email my assistant). Hardly anyone calls my home phone and that's ok (people seem to think I'm so delicate they should text D (husband) rather than communicate with me, and I don't mind that. This morning I listened to the fives messages on my mobile phone and they'd been there since Monday and it didn't matter. Five in a week - I used to have like ten in a day.

Perhaps I will turn into that famous rockstar who could only be reached by faxing his mother.

Basically - and so far - looking after Zaphod is a complete holiday compared to working, only with extra crying. And lovely cuddles.

And suddenly, I feel like I have a lot to say. Surely most of it will have been said before - but perhaps not with my unique wit and individual take on the universe/NW6 - but like the best books, I guess I'm writing for one (me). Although I won't mind at all if you enjoy it.

So now, I'm typing when the baby sleeps.

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