Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Opleygn is nor gut for kez, ober nit far a khasene

(delay is good for cheese, but not for a wedding)

I don't really know why, but I had one of those random thoughts pop into my mind, which turned into a random link journey. It went something like this: I bought some celery in Lidl because it was cheap and also because I have my grandma's celery glass she used to use. Then, I was thinking about Quark, as a I have a great Romanian cheesecake recipe a friend's grandma gave me from the old country (which I was thinking of making because there are a lot of sultanas in my store cupboard). So I googled quark, and came across this recipe for what they call quark, but what sounds really like the kez (Yiddish for cheese) my grandma used to make and hang off the washing line. I personally don't remember this, but my dad told me. So I think the recipe is something like this one.

My dad things that now milk is pasteurised it might not work. I don't know enough science to know. So I have bought high-fat milk (which is not my custom) and buttermilk and I will keep you informed.

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