Friday, January 23, 2009

New president, new template

Not really, but I'm still on an Obama-induced high, about how good the world is (can be) and everything.

So, totally unrelated, but my CTO (aka husband) has just done something I've been meaning to do for ages: blog-spring-clean.

So YACCS finally closed its doors, like a finally salary pension scheme, so my comments were buggered, and the templates was one I hacked together about five years ago, and didn't really have template titles, and I couldn't do half of what new Blogger did because I wasn't so XML etc.

So... voilĂ . A work in progress (WIP), and probably will change some (I imagine the blue turning lilac/purple at some point). But special thank to D who just knows what I need, and you, if you're still reading.


mike said...

Welcome to the post-YACCS world!

thegirl said...

Ditto what Mike said.