Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I haven't been doing nothing... honest:

Sasha is up again. 3.30am. How many times does it have to be before it's a habit.... oooh, he's gone back to sleep while I'm typing this...
20 March at 10:32

Sasha is seriously considering weaning Zaphod. who knows if that means he'll stop partying in the middle of the night, but he *feels* older / ready...
20 March at 01:15

Sasha has been up for like ten days, now
19 March at 17:05

Sasha is tired
17 March at 04:53

Sasha On reflection, I think he does have a cold - after a small bottle, he's still sniffly and crying. So, not hungry. Sick? Did calpol, he seems to have settled.
13 March at 10:48

Sasha Well, Zaphod is up again. He's not hot (was the last times) or sniffly (ditto), just, well AWAKE. I have fed him, rather than given him calpol. Weaning?
13 March at 10:21

Sasha has cracked open the calpol, which appears to have totally knocked Zaphod out
12 March at 15:51

Sasha 's up again - can't tell if it's teething, or cold, or both :)
12 March at 11:03

Sasha 's been up four times in the night (with Zaphod)
11 March at 15:28

Sasha is considering making more jam (pear/ginger/chilli). it's about the only thing I can do on maternity leave, as it requires about 10 mins actual concentration
02 March at 18:03

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