Monday, April 13, 2009

The taste of Pesach: eingimach

It's pesach (actually chol hamo'ed, the days in the middle) and before Pesach started, I made eingimach, a traditional passover betroot jam.

It is truly the taste of my childhood. I opened the jar, on the first morning of yom tov, and the rich, sweet, slightly gingery smell transported me to my parents seventies kitchen, sitting having breakfast with Grandma Frieze, first day yom tov, matzah, and butter, and a shmear of eingimach. As a kid, I never liked the almonds, but I guess tastes mature, because as an adult, they quite did it for me.

And I realise that we are the adults our parents were when we were kids. I was the person going round, erev yomtov delivering my eingimach, and people's children are eating it, and I'm auntie (not that anyone does that anymore) Sasha, the grown up who made it.

Check out the recipe and more photos here.

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