Thursday, April 02, 2009

Obama (Santos) in London

(Yes, still watching the West Wing, in series six).

I can't believe that Obama is here in London. If I didn't have a baby I'd totally be hanging out in town trying to catch a glimpse of him in person.

He's a politican you can trust (we think). He has a stylish/normal wife (we're pretty sure). He tells it like it is. He feels like someone you were at university with whom you always knew would make it, big time. I'm loving how he stood up to AIG. I can't believe he's here in my city, hopefully changing my world. I've been trying to reach A, an american friend of mine, for a couple of days, and I think she's just glued to the TV, soaking it all up.

So I can't quite beleive that what the G20 leaders get to eat is... Jamie Oliver's alright-mate fayre. Showcasing the best of British (samphire /sea kale), sure, but I think that Barak Obama and his ilk live in a world of diverse palates. A world of (religious) vegetarians, ethical vegans etc, so I can't quite beleive he's had the gall to serve "Goat's cheese starter (v)" as the "veggie option" as opposed to the more fullsome "Organic salmon from Shetland, served with samphire and sea kale, a selection of vegetables from Sussex, Surrey and Kent, and Irish soda bread."

Check out his menu.

And Jamie, don't let me think that my entire (almost) vegetarian cuisine is an afterthought.And vegetarians don't even get protein in the main course?

Get real, petal. Having ordered lunch (in the events industry) for tens of thousands of people over the years, I wouldn't dream of serving lamb - a lot of people would have a problem with that. Chicken or salmon is a little lighter, too.

Next time, Gordon, call me. I can get it for you (wholesale). How cool would it be if the G20 leaders came into town and Sasha from Kilburn, just a regular citizen, cooked the lunch?

I'm working on my menu....

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