Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Even Tesco has got into online video

So, just about to do my weekly armchair shop, and I discover that Tesco has a series of Top Tips Videos (can't help wondering how many marketing peeps it took to come up with that great name).

Video quality: poor, kinda home-video-esque. Voiceover: slightly sarcastic, and a poorly written script which forces some woman to say "Sunday just can't come soon enough!" at the end of the yorkshire puddings video.

But they're good - I might even try poaching eggs just in water instead of in one of the several egg-poaching paraphenalia we have.


justin said...

hello! poaching eggs in water really works... I think I use a Delia method from one of the 'how to cook' books. Beats the rubbery things that come out of our egg poacher every time, and it's pretty easy too.

Steve said...

Amazing video! I like the dish!!