Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random stuff today...

Went to Paradise (by way of Kensal Green) for celebratory meal (excellent food AND decor), and as we were leaving the head waitress asked a black guy loitering in the bar in an acrylic jumper and jeans if he was a taxi driver. He said no. And she said "of course not."

Also, while we were there, mingling with the oh-so-cool dudes and dudesses of NW10, a curvy black-clad woman in I'm-in-telly glasses kept looking at me as if I was famous (or at least well accessorised) but I never found out why. Although I am - of course - remarkably well accessorised.

In the physio today, someone asked me if purple was my favourite colour. And I was tempted to say purple is my first favourite best colour and cerise my second favourite best colour, in the style of children from Cheadle.

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