Thursday, January 28, 2010

I hate the Next website and all it's media, frankly

So once, and I now regret it, I bought something from Next. I'm pretty careful about not signing up to email newsletters, as I get enought email thankyouverymuch from people I want to hear from, so generally I manage to opt out of email. Especially the promotional / spam-style mail.

But Next have been emailing me HTML heavy mail and today I thought "that's it". Enough of the weirdly designed, image-heavy mail that's all sell-sell-sell. If I wanted adverts, I could look at the back of the Ham and High.

So I click "unsubscribe here" in the greyed-out blurb at the bottom of the email, and I have to SIGN IN to OPT OUT. Euurrgh. How crap is that.

Except I can't sign in because I try my generic password (attempt 1), but it doesn't recognise it. Then I do password hint (2), and it says I don't have a password, I should sign in with my customer number. Which I don't have. So I can do date of birth (3) but it asks for customer number. By which time I'm hating everything about Next and thinking I might not even go into their SHOPS, let alone buy my husband some out-of-season swimming trunks for our 08 winter holiday. Boy, do I regret that.

So I'm so angry I start to blog it, and when I go back to the greyed out email blurb I find my tiny, 6-point customer number, go again (attepmt 4) and now - thank all the email and digital gods - I am UNSUBSCRIBED FOREVER. Hate Next. And will - clearly - tell all my friends about it.

Also, I have spent 15 minutes of my precious work/family/child/tax return filled life on it, and based on my usual charge-out rate, Next owe me £30 for a right royal waste of my customer-centric time.

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