Wednesday, March 02, 2011

House Renovation - Day Three (render)

Today, I am mostly about what to do with the render on the front of our house.

When I say render, I (sadly) mean pebble-dash.

It was always my dream to live in a red-brick house, but hey, dreams are then to change / mutate. Our pebbledash is a dirty hundred-year-old brown, with, er, pebbles. It's just the top storey, the bottom storey - thank the gods - is red brick, but the question is, when we re-render the side (which we have to, as it needs serious maintenance) and the back extension, do we do it the same dirty-brown or an off-white colour?

Apparently render nowadays can have colour, so once it's done it's relatively maintenance free, but then I feel we should do the front to match.

I briefly thought about having pebble-less dash, if you see what I mean (lengthy conversation with the builder about the various English / Polish ways to dash pebble and texture render, which was quite enlightening), as I'd like to stay true to the original house, as much as I can.

As long as it doesn't look, y'know, crappy. Or - to most people - like we haven't done a renovation.

I dunno, what do you think?

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