Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seven years...

Seven years ago tonight D and I went on our first (proper) date. We were young, free, and single, so obviously chose to live on the edge and meet at Bond Street Tube shopping centre, and then went on to Carluccios round the corner, followed by a local pub and...

Seven years on, we've got a child and house and quite a lot of (collective) books and comics and a ... life together.

It's quite amazing.

So of course, we celebrated at the Hampstead Carluccios (who has time to go into town when you're paying a babysitter by the hour), where they were thoroughly charming to us - a complimentary glass of prosecco when we sat down, and limoncellos with desert (although one of us was driving). I had mentioned it was our anniversary when I booked.

D had even checked out an appropriate Hampstead-place to recreate our first kiss.

I don't get soppy that often (ok, I *do*), but I really thank the all the planetary doodars for helping me meet the loveliest bloke in the universe. Planetary doodars being the internet, bloggers, thedavegreen (organiser of xcom 2002 where we first met) and, in a strange way, a certain no-longer anonymous celebrity blogger. Happy Anniversary.

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midlifesinglemum said...

Happy Anniversary! Love, Rachel