Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So it was...

I had a great day yesterday. People from all over the internet popped by (although through very many more channels than in 2002) and said hello, or congrats, or whatever, and it was very lovely.

And my husband sent me this great card (which makes me wonder whether (a) he and Janice are in regular conversation, or (b) I only have two main things.)

But anyway.

Thing is, when I wrote a lot, I was unencumbered. Writing with the door closed, as writers say. Whereas now, I have more responsibilities, more... consequences if I say the wrong thing, and it bothers me. Although, over the years, I've had some practice at saying the wrong thing and how to deal with it, and also, you get the hang of it and do it less.

I've often grappled with the idea of the "public life" of ordinary people. When I started blogging ten years ago, people were often asking me, "don't you mind, people reading all your secrets?" And I used to say that I choose what to publish, so I don't mind. And of course now, what with blogging being an early/ramblier Facebook status/twitter update, most people lives their lives in public to some degree, and don't mind.

Of course, some people are better at it than others. Like, I try really hard not to do the "thanks for a great party, xxx was hilarious" type Facebook comment because I think, while clearly you can't invite everyone you know to everything you do, lots of people are sensitive, and why make life more stressful for the sensitive people. And then I don't like to gossip, obviously. And lots of things are personal. And.. well, it doesn't leave much, frankly.

But I intend to write more. Promise.