Monday, May 14, 2012

Bad behaviour?

Now Phartee has oddly morphed into a tiny red rubber calf (which is a baby cow, mummy) that Shoshie in nursery gave him because she loves him. We had a long conversation about whether she really did give it to him, as we can't take things that aren't ours. Despite the "no bringing toys to nursery" rule (which I wholeheartedly support) they seem to have given him one and now it's variously a calf, Phartee, his brother. Huge melt down just now where he insists that the only place Phartee/calf/brother can sleep is in his bed, and we got stuck in a "we made a policy decision, we can't stand down now" scenario. I found it incredibly difficult not to laugh. We suggested swaddling him in Igglepiggle's red (matching) blanket, but Josh was very insistent that Phartee only wanted to be with him. Eventually, after consulting ACAS, we have agreed that *we* will look after small calf/Phartee/brother all night and he can have him back in the morning. Sheesh. Also, there are two Darths, mummy, did you know?

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