Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I was awake at 4 this morning. Unfortunately not because I am a party animal and have been dancing into the wee hours. And fortunately, not because I am some workaholic with a deadline and reports to write, people to please and coporate images to be maintained. I woke at that ridiculous time because it is so bloody hot and I am 35 weeks pregnant (gold stars all round if you've guessed that this isn't Sasha, Justin or Yoz bloggin).

and so I did what any sane heavily pregnant woman would do. I got up, cleaned the kitchen and sat in the garden making 'to-do' lists. (Do not be impressed, scattered around my house are many abandoned previous to-do lists, I am great at making lists. Not so great at finding them and crossing off the items when they are done. In wanky management speak, I am not a completer/finisher.)

But early in the morning the day was beautiful. The air was fresh, the birds were singing and the day seemed full of potential. 14 hours later, I am hot, sweaty and can't find that list anywhere.


I want to clarify something. While I hate computers, I do know how to use them (...sort of). Currently feeling very chuffed that I've managed to change internet provider, new email address and solved a few codey type problems. All by myself without any expensive calls to patronising tech support geeks.

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