Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm sitting in the garden, in the cool breeze, enjoying the quiet and stillness after today's shimmering heat. Reading S's post about Cheadle - and feeling deeply moved by it in ways I can't yet articualte.

One of the joys of working (mostly) from home is being able to blog from the garden, but not if your wireless connection doesn't work. I spent much of yesterday evening up in the sweltering loft, unplugging, moving and replugging my wireless router. It didn't help and I ended the evening much hotter and more flustered than I'd been in the day.

So today I downloaded the latest 802.11 drivers from Intel and bingo, it works like a dream. And I don't have to repair my connection every five minutes in cafes either. I wish I'd thought of that a year ago.

I think I might take the day off tommorrow. It's going to be even hotter than today.


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