Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Justin here... housesitting for Sasha while she is away.

I'm completing the last part of a self-managed MSc, and I spend a lot of time reading, thinking and writing, most of it in cafes with wireless connections. I love the combination of coffee, the buzz of being surrounded by people, music (mostly) and the bustle of London life. It's much more conducive to work than sitting alone at my desk in a quiet office. For any of you who share this predilection, a few questions.
  1. Since starting this post I've had to reboot my (XP) machine once, repair my wireless connection four times, and call the hotspot provider on an 0845 number to manually log me off. Total cost is 25 mins out of my hour. Just how many hours a week do you spend in battle with the technology that's supposed to make this way of working possible?
  2. Ever had a laptop stolen from a cafe?
  3. How long can you sit in one place, ethically, for the price of a single drink?
  4. And where is, objectively, the very best place to camp out with coffee and keyboard?
I'd be fascinated to hear your thoughts.

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