Sunday, July 16, 2006

Waking in the middle of a love affair, while initially pleasant, disconcerts. Dreams of flirtation and connection cause incongruent emotional attachment and arousal, often lasting the day. Finally, the realisation that a vision of mutual fulfilment was un-reciprocated and merely the night-time clatter of a brain at mischief; this brings unproductive, wistful melancholy.

Whether real or imagined, the formation of such connections releases an opiate known as New Relationship Energy (NRE). As a recovering addict I am particularly susceptible to its euphoria; only a powerful antidote can scrub the residue. Immediately after waking I make for my kitchen, collecting:

  • four ice cubes

  • the guts of a fresh lemon, including seeds

  • a pinch of curing-grade saltpetre (potassium nitrate)

I quickly consume this rough sorbet, the ice being chewed or swallowed. The restorative virtues of the ordeal are felt immediately: with the emotional palate cleared, my morning can proceed.

If one must suffer love and loss as a simulacrum, do so quickly. Face the day armed with an experienced, cynical eye, and fall not into the tempting distractions of regret.

-- yoz

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