Thursday, July 13, 2006

well, it looks like the boys have got nice and comfy and settled themselves on S's sofa. So I'll perch on an armchair, or just potter about...

One thing I must confess in this introduction. (Yoz, this may offend you) I hate computers. I like using them and all the good things that they promise to bring. But I hate the techy jargon - you know "oh you have version SXHFN6.0 you need to download WEBOLLOCKS 8.2 in order for it to actually work in real time." And the fact that they cost a lot of money but are considered an antique a year or so later. I have a Mac, Powerbook G4 brought about 5ish years ago. it still works, does what I need it to without crashing. But I cannot recharge my oyster card online. If I was the great consumer champion Sasha I would give you all the details of my correspondance with transport for London. Lets face it, if I was Sasha I would have correspondance to give, not just a slightly peeved email, but I'll have names, phone numbers. heads would roll, jobs would be on the line and lawyers would be getting busy. But perhaps if I was Sasha I would have updated my operating system and never have this problem in the first place.

To put it in context, up until very recently I was using my grandmother's old Singer sewing machine, almost 70 years old. It was a object of beauty, went forward and back and sometimes varied the stich length, if you wanted it to or not.

with technology I always feel I missed out on the first day of term and still desperately trying to catch up the notes.


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