Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I have a very old friend A, who is a doctor. And, were I to run an analysis of my address book, quite a few of my friends are doctors. But then, I am Jewish. And middle class.

A and I ocassionally chat during the day - he is pretty senior, hence has his own phone - and I'm always left with the feeling that he's doing something important in the world, saving lives. Once we spent New Year's eve together, and he had to go out and find a patient at like 11.30 for a life saving operation. I often think about that. I'm just... researching how people can move money around, get bigger bonuses, develop new technology, talk. Not that these things are intrinsically bad. Just... less important.

You like to feel that in some way, you make your mark on the world. I used to, but I think I do it less. Well, apart from writing, which leaves a mark of sort. Imprint, more like. Reflection. I used to be a volunteer telephone counsellor, and that was good. If not requiring of me to talk in that "I'm wondering how you're feeling about starting a conversation around the issue of..." kinda way. Which mightily pissed me off. And made my co-volunteers wonder what it was like on Planet Commercial And Straight Talking. But the intrinsic work was good, rewarding. I think I may go back.

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