Monday, April 15, 2002

My friend D cooked me supper tonight... and we ended up talking about girl-stuff. It's not the only thing I do, honest. Before I knew it, we were talking about Botox injections.

How this conversation got started: last weekend, I took my friend K to A&D's party... they always throw great parties, and when we arrived, I saw the back of someone who looked like he was wearing a baco-foil sari, with red lipstick patterns on his one uncovered arm. I said to A; I didn't know it was a fancy dress party. A said it wasn't. Philip Salon apparently always dresses like that (true: he was dressed similarly when I met him in '93, when he told me "I had a wonderful ashkenazi face" - whatever THAT means.) Anyway, Philip had a couple of girls in tow, you know the types; uber-skinny/boob jobs/Jagger-in-drag-lips.Now I'm not thin - how do I know? my Mother told me - but at least everything I've got is real. They looked... alien in some way. And permanently surprised.

Back to the botox. First thing is... how to pronounce it: is it bow-tox (as in bow-tie), which sounds cutesy, upmarket and probably enjoyable, or boh-tox (as in bottom) which has a more, er, earthy ring to it, and frankly sounds like someone sticking something up your bottom. Though some people like that.

Like I've said before, I'm a strong believer in living with what you've got - physically speaking - and more to the point, botox, BOTULINUM is a poison. It's a strange world when fashion dictates that women with money/time on their hands/fading looks/all three, should inject themselves with a substance that in other circumstances would kill them. And isn't it a little strange to live in a society where paralysis of your facial muscles is considered more attractive than your actual expression.

If only I could do comments, I could find out what you think.

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