Monday, June 10, 2002

Bookdump. No, of course I'm still not reading BoBos In Paradise, I just don't like updating my template.

Just finished The Vagina Monologues; truly powerful prose, slightly overwritten in a come-the-revolution way, and probably designed to engender debate as much as anything else. Reminds me of the poster on my Aunty Vera's fridge when I was a kid: "There will be no revolution without women's liberation. There will be no women's liberation without revolution." Oh, and she says that the Monologues are about "attraction, not promotion"; hard-wired for a recovery programme, I'd say. So it's just one day at a fucking time, then.

Also reading Satan in Goray , at the suggestion of Jez, which fulfils all my Shabbatean desires, and reminds me of Nathan Englander, though I'm sure it should be the other way around.

Bus-reading Trick Baby, by Iceberg Slim/Robert Beck - I love his work, and it's a real insight into a new world for me.

And dipping into Faking It - The Sentimentalism of Modern Society, mainly because of an ongoing conversation I have with J about victim culture and Frank Furedi. The Diana essay is quite something.

Other news: I have neither regular employment not a completed manuscript. But I did have a huge (for me) number of Linux-user visitors today who were doubtless a little surprised about the environment here at sashinka. oh well.

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