Friday, June 28, 2002

Come the revolution, Siouxie Sioux will be the first up against the wall, I tell ya.

I just saw her on V Graham Norton(I know, I know, I've been home two nights on the run and even written about it, but I just looked in my bank account and staying in has to be the new going out. For a while, at least). She looks like someone who works in a bank and has a cool haircut for going clubbing on the weekend.

She's about as fucking revolutionary as my middle-aged next-door neighbour. OK, she still has blacker-than-goth spiky hair, but so do half the models in Trevor Sorbie. It's seventies. It's the look. She lives in France. With her pussies. She sounds for all the world like a Surrey matron retired on the proceeds of her well-managed divorce.

And she had nothing to say. Even when Graham primed her. Another one of my idols shot down. Rant over.

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