Saturday, June 22, 2002

I know what you're thinking; what am I doing home at 9pm on a Saturday night? I'm going out soon, honest, but it's uncool to get to a party before ten, right? (and there's a lot of stuff I want to clear out of my head).

My weekend so far has consisted of: dinner party/serious drinking for L's birthday last night. A lie in with Gershom Scholem (figuratively speaking) this morning. Lunch at F&M's till about six. Walking home with C and her two-year old J at the slowest snail-pace imaginable. Kids, eh?

Tonight's party should be cocktail-laden - I'm hoping for Mojitos - and then tomorrow I'm househunting with a friend - I feel that in a parallel universe I would like to be an estate agent - going to the gym, meeting an old friend, D, for coffee. Going to a funeral - under some duress, more later - at 2pm. And then dinner/drinks with M in town from New York. The world's a village. Well, West Hamsptead is.

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