Wednesday, June 19, 2002

I rarely quote verbatim from someone else, but this guy says everything I want to say:

Industry Watch - More Utter Crap:
After a year of endless mocking, Consignia has finally noticed that they had paid millions for a frankly ludicrous name that no-one recognises or understands, and that bears no relationship at all to its core activities. Hell, lets not pretend here, no relationship to any of its activities. It is to rebrand to Royal Mail Group. Duh.
Not to be outdone, PWC Consulting is to rebrand after its split from PriceWaterhouseCooper. The new name? Well, visit their fancy new website and see for yourself. I can barely bring myself to type it.

I can just imagine the flip chart presentations now at the spendy branding agency office... "We need something quirky, we need something accessible, open. We need a brand that speaks to everyone. We need white space, and a sans serif typeface. We need lifestyle photography". They need shooting.


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