Thursday, June 27, 2002

Last night, went to the theatre with D, and H joined us afterwards. After a couple of brain hemorrhages and B52's we were anyone's.

Well, not quite. We had a modern Indian meal at Cafe Lazeez, where the menu is divided into traditional or evolved dishes. I think, given that choice, I'm evolved. In all circumstances, not just vicular. Oh, and rather a good bottle of un-Chardonnay, which loosened us all up enough to flirt with the waiter (though I wasn't sure if he was winking at us, or had something in his contact lense. Sometimes it's just too hard to tell) and do creative, girly things.

We spent at least twenty seconds trying to work out the past tense of wink. Wunk?

And D and I came up with a new phrase: Sheitgeist.

I think I'm definitely going to be writing a column called Capturing the Sheitgeist. I'm thinking a beat-the-bullshit no-holds-barred deconstruction of stupid things people do in the twenty-first century. Feng Shui. Joining Gyms. Low-sodium diets. Paying for a De-Cluttering Consultant. Subscribing to magazines you're too busy to read. You tell me.

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