Tuesday, June 18, 2002

My life is complete now that I know the iVillage Sex Coach is there to answer my questions.

This wasn't a question I was particularly asking, but here it is:

Q: Why do I sometimes cry after having an orgasm?

A: blah blah therapy-shit, some other horse-shit, then this gem:

"Be sure that you have thoroughly checked inside to make sure that these tears are of joy, not sadness or something else that may stem from a past wound around relationships, sex or your body image. Then go forth in delight that you can enjoy so much emotional juice. It's terrific that you can feel, express and know that you are truly alive."

My questions: how do you check inside, exactly? How can I be sure that I've done it? How thorough is thorough? Is a wound around a relationship like a ... OK, I'll stop now. Cynic, me.

This, all because I was thinking about crying. Not crying, you understand, just thinking about it. Don't you always google before you...

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