Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Wanna Remember You Just The Way You Were...

Friends Reunited have sent me email saying that two new people have signed up in my year.

One of the "new" girls wrote this:
"...despite losing a large amount of weight at University, I'm still the same but with more wrinkles and better clothes!..."

I registered but didn't write anything. I did get mail from a bunch of people I'd prefer to have fond memories of, rather than dull email exchange. A, my best friend from school pointed out that Polly Walker is not poring over her PC trying to make her life look better than it really is.

Friends Reunited aside: my ex, European Sales Director of a mid-range CMT, went to Mabfield College, an intimate hippy-style school in Sussex. Looking down the people from school, he noticed that one of his twenty sales people had put in his blurb: "now the European Sales Director of XXXX Ltd (a niche content management tool)".

Running into him in the lift, my ex said to him, "Oh, I didn't know you went to Mabfield?"

Lifts, small places, folks. Never lie, I tell you. It always catches up with you.