Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Was just in Tescos buying groceries, and was queueing behind an unbelievably gorgeous woman. Really slim. Tanned. Wearing hipster jeans and an extremely short, white, cropped top. She had a flat stomach, it wasn't even gently rounded.

It's not often I'm jealous - I'm mostly grateful for the blessings I have (loving family, remnants of a career, talent when I acknowledge it) - but I couldn't help staring. How would my life be if I had her figure?

When she'd gone, the guy on the checkout started ringing up my purchases. He smiled at me, and said:

"She's gone to buy a T-shirt."

I obviously looked surprised.

"Just kidding. But she's skinny, though."

And we got into a conversation where I discovered that he thought she was too skinny, even though I maintained that she was very attractive. He looked appreciatively at me, in all my fresh-faced (I'd just come from the gym) womanly, ample-cleavage-ness and said:

"Naaah. too skinny. I prefer a real woman."

So that's a lesson for me, then.

Can't chat, got a bunch of women I was at college with coming round for low calorie dips and wine. I know, I live on the edge.

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