Thursday, June 13, 2002

A what-I-did-recently post. Last night, R came round for dinner, and I made Thai green curry. Tuesday, S came round for dinner, and I made Thai green curry. I see a pattern emerging. It's that I love Thai green curry (though Luke said it's not Thai green curry if it doesn't have chicken in it. But I've not eaten meat for so long that quorn kinda tastes like meat if you marinade it for long enough). And that staying in is the new going out, at least if you don't have much money.

It was great catching up with S (we used to work together) and she parlayed fabulous gossip about a former colleague. We used to work in a very English, corporate environment, where all the top people had Stepford Wives and Ferraris and at least two houses. One guy's marriage was breaking up, so he went to the MD and asked if it would affect his career prospects. Like, if it would, what would he do?

I hadn't seen R for a year or so (although I do have his picture in my bedroom, because he looks better than Samuel L Jackson) and we had lots to talk about, and very quickly got to the bottom of a bottle of Merlot. Truth drug. I think he's the only person I know who's deeply, deeply unwired. He asked me what google was. I showed him the web, and some blogs and he was shocked. When we googled his boyfriend, he was even more shocked."Nothing's sacred anymore. Nothing's secret anymore." Ain't that the truth.

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