Wednesday, April 28, 2004

You in Manchester? Then get yourself down to the Contact Theatre, to see The Bloggers:

"Eight people have been living virtually within For 4 months they have been communicating with the world via the creation of blog sites, a web diary of ideas, of hopes and dreams exploring what matters by mapping journeys that have evolved from the shores of Bangkok to the depths od Devon, to the bedroom of a woman who is 104 years old. The exhibition translates the virtual material and invites you to enter their world and make these ideas happen, by working with us to interpret these ideas into a performance event created for the foyers of Contact Theatre in the Autumn of 2004."

Sounds interesting, although I can't help wondering what "blog sites" are, as opposed to weblogs. Call me a cynic.

[thanks to M, my ever intrepid theatre correspondent]

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