Tuesday, June 22, 2004

(posted by Mike)

I never introduced myself, did I? How rude.

My name is Mike. (In the Blogosphere, the M is mostly de-capitalised, due to lazy-fingeredness in comments boxes. So feel free to call me mike, if you prefer.) I have a weblog of my own, called troubled diva, which I shan't link to, as it's currently unavailable.

Born in Doncaster, brought up in North Nottinghamshire, schooled in Cambridge, degreed in Nottingham - where I live to this day with K, my partner of the past 19 years. (Except at weekends, which are spent in us Country Pile, a few miles north of Ashbourne in the Derbyshire Peak District.) I work as an IT consultant, mostly on the mainframe side, mostly for a well known car company. Which is ironic, as I don't drive, and have zero interest in all matters automotive. I like to pretend that this brings a certain useful objectivity to my work.

(I'm a class Lady Muck act in the passenger seat, though. My signature piece: the Sideways Headflick Of Haughty Disdain, when passing other cars on single-track lanes.)

By nature, I'm an under-achiever. My Comfort Zone is well-appointed, richly furnished, and enjoys a pleasant aspect at all times. In this respect, think of my weblog as the glass-topped ormolu coffee table in the drawing room, upon which a choice selection of Art Books has been faux-casually tossed. Think of me as reclining in front of it, turbanned and kaftanned, dry Martini in hand, wryly stirring my olive with a hand-blown Kostaboda swizzle-stick.

Except that, with the bloody bailiffs having repossessed the furniture and tossed me out into the street, I am now to be found reclining in front of Sasha's sleek, modernist coffee table, her Troubled Diva coffee mug in my hand, a borrowed sweater slung over my shoulders, making patently insincere offers to do the hoovering and cook dinner.

Now, how does the remote work? Does she have Sky Digital?

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