Wednesday, June 23, 2004

(posted by Mike)

While Sasha condemns herself to a day of Shakey, my earworm du jour is, ooh, so much classier.

Vrei sa pleci
Dar nu ma nu ma iei
Nu ma nu ma iei
Nu ma nu ma nu ma iei...

(Translation: You want to go, but you don't take me, no. Et cetera.)

Yes, it's Romania's top popsters O-Zone - Dan, Radu and (cough) Arsy - at Number Four in the Fab Forty with Dragostea din tei. Which translates, rather sweetly, as Love Under The Linden Trees. (As opposed to Love Bites Under The Multi-Coloured Rope Lighting At The Dodgy Holiday Disco.)

Listening to it again just now, I found myself wondering whether the song bore any musical resemblance to Klezmer. Mainly because I could almost imagine it being danced to en masse at Eastern European wedding parties - albeit with rather more traditional instrumentation.

And then I found a whole load of Klezmer MP3s, and realised that I didn't know what I was talking about.

All together now:
Ma-i-a hi, Ma-i-a hu, Ma-i-a ho, Ma-i-a ha-ha...


(Sasha's entire readership lurches off into the sunset together; legs a-kicking, boo-tays a-shimmying.)

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