Monday, March 21, 2005

LiveJournal voice: today, I hate

I ordered a birthday present for my sister-in-law three weeks ago: Amazon gift vouchers so she could choose something she likes. I chose a paper gift certificate, because I think it feels more like a real present (turns out unwisely). Seems like she didn't receive it, but when I checked the website, it kept saying sent.

I missed her birthday.

Today, I think I'll call up and see where it is. I speak to Thomas who tells me that he's sorry, but there's an issue with processing their gift certificates, and there's currently a backlog, and mine won't get sent for at least a week. He's sorry they've taken the money off my card. I say that's a bit crap, because I've missed my sister-in-law's birthday. He's kinda sorry, but can't help. I ask him to turn it into an email certificate, and he says he can't do that.

So I speak to his supervisor, Matthew, who tells me it has been sent on Saturday. I say that I haven't got a confirmation email. And also, how do I know who to believe because his colleague just said the exact opposite.

The customer service director is never there - he's an audix box - and the switchboard won't put you through to anyone, and they when they put me through to the resolutions team, that just goes to someone's voicemail.

I know I spend a lot of money with Amazon, because they usually send me a Christmas present, and that has me scuttling to my past orders and adding up how much I spent, and resolving to buy less books.

Anyway, I held for a while, being told I was in a queue, and then I gave up.

As you know, I just can't bear bad service. I don't know if it's because I'm self-employed, so I just wouldn't get away with it, or what. But anyway.

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