Saturday, December 17, 2005

I have lots of people coming for (shabbos) lunch. This is the menu:

  • humous with pine nuts and za'atar (some would say Jerusalem humous)
  • pickles
  • vegetarian cholent (a stew cooked since 2pm yesterday, as you can't cook on shabbat. Nicer than it sounds, really)
  • sweet roasted red peppers with sultanas (kinda Romanian, but modern)
  • cucumber and tomato salad with argan oil (in the Moroccan style)
  • quinoa salad with mandarins, cashew nuts, dill and dried sour cherries
  • rocket salad with avodado and pomegranate (to continue middle eastern theme)
  • Momo's dried fruit salad
  • My friend R's Romanian grandma's baked cheesecake with sultanas (which I had last weekend and is truly delicious, as well as being Romanian, which I am, about 25%)

    Fancy lunch?
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