Friday, January 13, 2006

First serious session: Jen Krause showed the Christ in the City short, directed by Yitz Brilliant, followed by a discussion on religious identity in the twentyfirst century.

Let's just say Yitz's utterly one-dimensional movie didn't really do it for me - if Jesus came back, not sure it would be to the upper west side of NY, despite it's comedy value, and he sure wouldn't know from looking for a shul for shabbes - and from an English perspective, felt... caricatured, at best.

J comes back to see Mel Gibson's the Passion, and the movie's kinda like laying out the anti-Passion position: christians (and muslims) could get as angry about this one.

Jen, however, is a powerful, dynamic presenter, and instisted on calling me bubeleh because I'm wearing my bubeleh t-shirt.

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