Wednesday, January 11, 2006

roots, shmoots

roots, shmoots
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Yep, I'm in New York. It's like 1.30 London time, but it's only 8.25 NY time, (where did that other five minutes go? Aside: when I was a kid, my mum managed to persuade me that time differences weren't just for countries/time zones; it was five minutes across the road and 20 minutes in North Manchester. Let's just say I was confused about relativity).

Anyway, the wonder of technology means that I can get my photos off my phone while I'm afk (abroad) due to bringing a wire with me. So this isn't really a travel pic: as I was speedily decanting shampoos into various tiny travel containers this morning, I rediscovered this bulb that I "planted" in November - it's got loads of roots, and I feel all green-fingered (or should that be white-rooted) and excited. I've left it in the sun while I'm away, and who knows what might happen.

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