Sunday, January 15, 2006

Wednesday, I hung out downtown and F invited me to his weekly marketing meeting. It's kinda fun going to someone else's work.

New York - or NY media-ish types - are very laid back. I liked it. I was introduced as "my good friend Sasha from London, who's in marketing, (which I am as much as I do anything else), and there were about a dozen people, from sales, design, project management.

I shared a cab with the sales woman, and she told me the ABC of New York real estate (Always Be Closing), and when it got to looking at the logo, a dozen or so of us were looking at various logotypes, and she takes a look at one of them, and says, "y'know, for me, it's just a little ongepotchket".

What was great was - unlike in London - even the Irish and other-non-Jews, looked at the design and were all "y'know, it is a little ongepotchket."

Only in New York, as they say.

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