Wednesday, February 01, 2006

For want of a better phrase, let's just say I don't have a good sense of direction.

Examples: once, I went to visit a friend who lived(s) in Wimbledon. It was hard enough getting there, reading the AtoZ while juggling the gear stick. After a lovely Sunday afternoon, I came out of her house, turned left, and was halfway to Portsmouth before I realised I wasn't going back to Central London. Another time, having been up to Watford for something, I found myself getting on the M1 northbound, and was six junctions before I realised I was going in the wrong direction. I always print out a map before I go anywhere. And I check it, often. I'm the tourist-alike you see in like Islington.

My biggest crapness is on the underground. Most/many people seem to have an innate sense, after years of commuting, of which end of the train to get onto to minimise walking at the other end. I never get it right. Even though I've lived in Kilburn for more than ten years, and commuted for six or seven of them.

I kid myself that I like getting off at the far end as it's good to keep mobile, keep walking, all good for the heart, but the truth is, I just get it wrong. So the train comes in, and I'm sure that this right/left end of the platform will bring me out by the stairs at the Kilburn, but then when we get to Finchley Road (same directional layout) it's immediately clear that I'm wrong. Again.

But. Oh. My. God. I've worked it out.

I had a revelation yesterday. Kilburn is at the back of the train. As long as I know my back from my front, I can always get it right. I checked it. Twice. It works. Kilburn - back of the train.

To you, this is a small thing. To me, mindblowing.

Some might say I should get out more. I do, but often at the wrong end of the train.

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