Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cream of Port Eliot

Closing afternoon of Port Eliot. What a weekend. In oh-so-many ways.

I've listened to the Madrigirls, seen Immodesty Blaise, Saltpeter, heard (and danced to) Alex Bellos and his forro band, saw A Skin Too Few (Jeroen Berkven's amazing Nick Drake documentary), head Alexander Masters read from Stuart, talked through Alain de Botton (but then it was quite like his TV show), went to the AGM of the Could Appreciation Society, saw Martin Parr's photography exhibit of Port Eliot interiors, watched Barbara Hulanicki (of Biba fame) make clothes out of odds and ends, heard Rowan Pelling and Maria Alvarez talk about gothicity, madness and women, see Skye Gyngell (from the Petersham Cafe) cook with Wendy Fogarty (slow food movement, and seen Wendy's short based on Toby Litt's Rare Books story.

And I've probably forgotten some things, too. I've had a little too much sun, but not that much to drink. I've met old and new friends, and sort of wandered round this huge, beautiful estate like I'm a cross between a private party and a very large summer weddding.

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