Monday, July 31, 2006

I write this only because I'm in total shock.

As you know, I'm on the google front page for british gas three star contract, and I used to be the top hit, which was ironic, because I'm not a utility provider. And also, they don't officially call it a Three Star Contract anymore.

And, as you also know, I had some fun and games with them about three years ago, which I called the British Gas Years. , and then again in 2004.

But get this. Friday, I get a phone call. "Your service isn't due for a month, but can we do it early? Like, Monday?"

And they just arrived, and it's fine, and the bloke even bled my radiators, which is a little pathetic of me to ask, I grant you, but I have a lot of learned helplessness around household maintenance. My shower has been broken for a month. Although I do like painting.

So, no news. Good, huh?

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