Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I'm feeling a little pleased with myself.

Partly, because I've had the most evil headache for most of the afternoon, which I thought for a while was me going mad, and I've just realised this weather, it's kinda like being in Gibraltar, with the Levante. I thought I was truly, truly losing it. But I'm back.

Did I mention that I'm a reformed chaos-merchant, a recovering confusion-junkie?

Well, I think I last got on my bike... three, four years ago, maybe. And today I thought I'd just get it out of the shed, ride round the garden, remind myself if I can still do it. Although, theoretically, it should be like riding a bike, right?

Anway, I get in the shed, and the former-me (equally security-minded) has sensibly put the mother of all bike locks on my bike, so it's not going anywhere.

I wonder what to do.

Then, I go inside the house, and try and work out what the efficient-me would do. Put the key somewhere safe. Somewhere sensible. There is an M on the bike lock, and it's a proper key, not like those fake suitcase keys that all airport security guards have copies of.

So I go straight to my hall table, and get out the little bowl of keys I keep there, and there it is. A key with a big M on it. My bike lock key. First try.

I'm still a little nervous about having a go, though.

It's so nice when things work out.

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