Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some stuff...

That I've been meaning to read / post / etc

(I never understood, before, when people used to say to me, how do you have time to blog? And I used to say, I don't even understand the question. All my time was my own, and I'm a fast worker and I get stuff done, and it was no big deal to post like ten times a day. Now, with a baby and house and partner etc... juggling seems to be the new me, and the stuff I want to do somehow gets to the bottom of the list)

Malcolm Gladwell on overconfidence - must read this, despite being slightly underwhelmed by seeing him in person in November

Disappointed that Shiny Media seems to have gone into administration. I like to think I helped them on their way to fame and fortune, putting Chris Price on the Guardian Changing Media Summit 2006 blogging panel. Wish I'd had a slice of the alleged £4.5m funding. Wish them all the best of luck - although microblogging and the old ad revenue model: personally, still not convinced

In the Night Garden: I am down with Iggle Piggle and Macca Pacca (even if D says I don't know all the characters) - now a firm part of Zaphod's bedtime routine and totally worth the licence fee (and undoubtedly better if you're stoned)

Train: a board game about the holocaust

It Felt Like a Kiss at the Manchester Festival - dead sad we didn't get to see it, but delighted that it's coming to London, apparently, in the autumn. I love Punchdrunk, D loves Adam Curtis: it's our perfect evening out

Jay McInerny is looking a lot older than he used to (but then, aren't we all)

Obama's purple folder: if you know me well (or at all) you will know that purple is my theme colour, and I am delighted that I share this small characteristic with Barak / the leader of the free world

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Steve said...

Yes, finding time regularly for a particular work is really hard. But if one gets used to it, then it'll not be a big deal.