Monday, November 30, 2009

Mitzvah time

Did a mitzvah tonight.

I was in Kosher Paradise (don't even ask, but basically, buying kosher food) and the guy serving was youngish with a couple of piercings and a slightly Carlebachy-kippah. Great customer service: he told me he just likes to make people happy, and commented on my well-accessorised outfit (I responded that it's not so hard to accessorise when, basically, all your clothes are purple). We chatted a little more, he was local, his accent was just from hanging in Golders Green. He gave the impression he didn't get out so much.

Looking at him, I knew where his friends hung out. "Do you know about the Moishe House?" I asked. He didn't. I told him it was where his chevra were hanging, and he wrote it down,to check it out on Facebook.

It's like the time I got chatting to some guy on the tube who'd never left Cricklewood and didn't know that (a) his chevra were at Marble Arch, and (b) he could go to the Mumtaz Shisha Cafe on Cricklewood Broadway and have a passably good time with like minded folk.

Me, I'm a connector, innit.

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