Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What kind of seventies did you live in?

Just saw A Serious Man (which I am still slightly perturbed by) and was very taken with the styling and interiors. Very Mad Men. Very now, in a then sort of way.

And I realised something. ASM is more sixties interiors, but who can tell the difference between the lates sixties and the early seventies anyway.

This thing that I realised is about the colour purple. Not the book/film (doing charades moves). If you know me, you'll know that I love purple, and most of my clothes are many different shades of purple, and quite a lot of my interior acessories / walls.

Basically, there were two kinds of seventies. You either had an orange / brown seventies experience (a la Morcheeba Big Calm), or you had a purple one.

And I've often wondered why my sister loves purple too, and sometimes wondered if she'd copied me (in the way sisters do) but now I realise that we both had the same seventies childhood: the purple one.

If it'd been the orange/brown one, who knows where I'd be.


Andy Levy-Stevenson said...

Definitely more the brown/orange 70s south of the river when I was growing up.

Haven't seem ASM yet; it was filmed in the suburbs where we lived prior to aliyah, and where my wife grew up. The Coens are contemporaries of hers, and several friends and relatives were extras in the movie. Curious to see it.

Riv said...

We were orange and brown, in fact my mum still has salmon pink kitchen. I rebelled... x