Monday, February 08, 2010

I think I might actually hate Amazon (the book / web people)

See, I'm a book person. I love books: reading, owning, admiring, discussing. In fact, when I got married, our combined library was so large that a big chunk of it is now in storage.

So it's no surprise that both of us have a serious book habit, and a serious Amazon habit. Especially since it's not even all about books anymore.

Every so often, I go into my account and add up how much I've spent in the last six months/year, and it's always more than I thought.

But recently, the delivery service sucks so bad it's ageing me beyond compare.

In December, I decided to get my husband a late seasonal-gift on about 18th December, and figured, hey, it's only Amazon with the huge infrastructure and investment who could guarantee to deliver it.

How wrong could I be. Long story short, I ordered some small valentine's-style gifts, and the same thing happens. City Link, the Amazon contracted delivery company, is crap.

So my "tracking" online tells me they "attempted delivery" friday at 4pm. Lie. They didn't ring the doorbell, they didn't even leave a card. Even though I was in all day. Today (which is a coupla weeks ago, now, as this has sat in my drafts, sorry), they say they "attempted delivery" at 11am - they left a card, but didn't ring the doorbell (in all day again, lucky me).

They are crap. I hate CityLink: core competency required - delivering the package. Ability to do so: rare.

First time around some customer service bloke (er, sorry, executive customer relations) gave me an Amazon voucher, now I'm like... how hard can it be? I love the interwebs and how I can get all cool stuff, price-chcked and to my door. Except: not.

S'not the interweb that's broken - it's the offline, people-based customer-unservice stuff.


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